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Upbeat , uplifting and inspirational musicals for schools

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Our Musicals

Welcome to Dreamsville – where happy dreams are made!


Mayor Biggs, the charismatic and courageous mayor of Dreamsville has a dream: to rid childhood of nightmares and to make the children of Dreamsville happy, healthy and well-balanced.


Mayor Biggs has introduced Dreamsville to the Dream Machine, a machine that broadcasts only the sweetest dreams to the children of Dreamsville while they sleep. He has passed new laws requiring all parents to ensure their children sleep with a dream transmitter each night and he has built a police force, the Dream Police, who patrol the town to see that the Dream Laws are obeyed.  Dreamsville has become a happier place because of it.


One family, who have just moved to town are not feeling at all at ease. Their daughter Emily is finding it difficult to fit in; she wears different clothes, plays different games, writes different stories and does not own a Dream Machine. To Emily, Dreamsville does not seem a happy place.

Is there something more sinister going on in the town? Is there something afoot with the Mayor’s plans?


One night the town discovers the high price they must pay for a happy childhood when the dream machines malfunction. Emily and the children from her class must overcome their differences to save the ideals of Dreamsville and a happy, carefree childhood.  In the end friendship along with a rather hip Grandma triumph over all!


The Ice Demon is set in an isolated village in the far north of Norway. From a time before anyone can remember the village has been under the curse of an evil Ice Demon. The curse brings misfortune and unhappiness to the villagers and the Ice Demon kidnaps the children if they are out after dark. The villagers believe that it is because of this curse that Christmas has never been a joyous celebration. The story follows Maya, a brave, young girl from the village, and her journey in search of her brother Olaf who has been captured by the Ice Demon. Will Maya be successful in her quest? Will the Ice Demon’s heart be melted and her curse finally broken?

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Dream Factory Performance Bundle
Dream Factory Performance Bundle
This Bundle includes everything you need for rehearsals and up to three performances of THE DREAM FACTORY Script & photocopying rights Backing tracks for performance Practice tracks for rehearsals Performing rights

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The Composer


Jonathan Spinks is an experienced primary music specialist with experince in a 

Jonathan has 20 years of international music teaching experience. He has worked in the UK, Indonesia, Poland and  Hungary. 

Jonathan has a degree in Mathematics and Music with a teaching qualification from Leeds Universit and an MA in Ethnomusicology. He also has a certificate in Lyric Writing from Berklee School of Music, in Boston, MA, the premier musical university in the United States. He is an accomplished pianist, guitarist and singer. 


The Musicals


These musicals are written to be relevant and fun from a child’s point of view. Songs are built on strong melodies, interesting structures and clever rhymes while offering the children a chance to enjoy singing a range of musical styles from blues to calypso. 


The Company


Upbeat Musicals is based in Budapest, Hungary and was set up to provide uplifting, inspiring and contemporary musicals for schools. Our musicals have been performed both in the UK and in international schools worldwide. 


We are committed to providing a valuable and thorough consumer experience to our customers. We strive to make our productions as easy as possible to stage. We offer products that are clear and easy. We provide prompt customer service and support at any time during your decision-making, rehearsal and performance process.


Thank you for choosing Upbeat Productions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time with any questions.

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